UEi DL429B True RMS Advanced HVAC Clamp-On Meter

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The DL429B Clamp meter offers users True RMS precision, dual temperature, a voltage and amp range that will extend applications to ECM motors, variable speed DC motors, plug and play DC motors and AC ductless mini splits. It also has Wireless capability and a free App. Applications Motor or line current Control voltage or system board voltage checks Circuit continuity or specified resistance Flame safeguard Quick check of live wires Diode test malfunctions/ unbroken paths Ambient temperatures Features Hold: Peak Hold Min/Max: Yes Ranging: Auto/Man Auto power off: Yes Display count: 6000 Low battery warning: Yes Backlight: Yes Dual display: Yes Worklight: Yes Detachable head: Yes Temperature Inputs: 2 Temp differential: Yes Relative Mode: Yes DC Zero: Yes Wireless output: Yes - Free App Available iOS® & Android™ Protective boot or overmolding: Yes Magnetic mount: Yes Warranty: 2-Year limited Functions TRMS: Yes AC Volts: 750V DC Volts: 1000V AC current (amps): 600A DC current (amps): 600A AC micro current (amps): 2000µA DC micro current (amps): 2000µA Resistance (Ohms): 60MΩ Capacitance (Farads): 2000µF Frequency (Hertz): 99.99Hz - 99.99kHz Duty cycle: Yes Temperature: -328°F to 2462°F Continuity: Yes Diode: Yes NCV Detection: Yes Differential Temperature: Yes LRA Inrush: Yes Standard Drop Protection: 6 foot Ingress Protection: 42 ETL listed 61010-1: 2012 IEC 61010: 3rd edition CE Conformity: Yes CAT Rating: CATIII 600V RoHS: Yes FCC/IC Compliant: Yes Includes Manual (Eng): Yes Manual (Spa): Yes Manual (Frn): Yes Test Leads: ATT57 Alligator clips: AAC3 Batteries: AAA (8) Pouch/Cases: Yes Temp Probe: ATT29A (2)