iO HVAC Controls UT32 3H/2C Universal Titan Touchscreen Thermostat

The UT32 Titan is a non-programmable/programmable, universal, low-cost touchscreen thermostat available exclusively from iO HVAC Controls. The UT32 can be battery powered or hardwired which makes it ideally suited for use in residential and light commercial applications. 7 Day programmable or non programmable 3H/2C  Heat pump or dual fuel 2H/2C Conventional Selectable high and low balance point control Selectable programmable fan options Battery powered or hardwired Two or four events per day Control Range 41­° - 122° Adaptive recovery Optional indoor / outdoor sensors Outdoor temperature display with Sensor AUX relay can be used for economizers / devices Manual or auto changeover Key pad lockout Temperature averaging with optional sensors Touchscreen lock options Selectable Stage Differentials Selectable heating and cooling set points Demand or lock staging options Night light option when hard wired 5-Year Warranty