White-Rodgers 1F89-0211 Heat Pump Non-Programmable Thermostat, 2H/1C

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The 1F89 features an easy-to-read display, offering a step up from the 70 Series. This 2H/1C heat pump thermostat is dual powered and will fit in a horizontal junction box.  Display Easy-to-read LCD with improved contrast Lighted display for easier low-light viewing Comfort & Convenience Permanent program retention during power loss Setpoint Hold Simple "setup" menu to activate optional features Temporary temperature override two-hour minimum or until next program period Soft-touch keypad Display temperature recalibration (+/- 4°) Easy access battery compartment Performance Dual-Powered. Choice of battery-powered or hardwired, for all applications Selectable Energy Management Recovery Meets ENERGY STAR® specifications Meets California Building Code, Title 24 Fast (FA) or slow (SL) heating cycle anticipation Easy-to-wire push-connect color coded terminals Compressor lockout protection Millivolt compatible Electric heat option SPECIFICATIONS Electrical Rating: Dual Power or Battery Power Model: mV to 30 VAC, NEC Class II, 50/60 Hz or DC Input-Hardwire Model: 20 to 30 VAC Terminal Load: 1.5 A per terminal, 2.5A maximum all terminals combined Setpoint Temperature Range: 45 to 90°F (7 to 32°C) Anticipation, Heating: Adjustable Anticipation, Cooling: Fixed Rated Differential, Heat: 0.8° or 1.2°F Rated Differential, Cool: 1.2°F Operating Ambient Temperature Range: 32 to 105°F (0 to 41°C) Operating Humidity Range: 0-90% RH noncondensing Shipping Temperature Range: -40 to +150°F (-40 to +65°C) Dimensions: 3-3/4"H x 4-3/4"W x 1-1/2"D Terminals: R, C, Y, W2, G, O/B, L Replaces White Rodgers 1F89-211 Thermostat