Aprilaire 8810A Home Automation Thermostat, Event-Based Air Cleaning

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Features Wi-Fi capabilities with the Aprilaire Wi-Fi Thermostat App OR integrates with all major home automation systems Universal 2H/2C or 4H/2C Heat Pump Programmable with Event-Based™ Air Cleaning ON 24/7 — Full time, non-stop air cleaning Auto — Cleans air when there is a heat or cool call Circ 30/HR — Circulates and cleans the air 30 min/hour Event 3 HR — Cleans for a 3 hour period Allergy 24 HR — Cleans for a continuous 24 hour period Maintenance reminder for HVAC service Heat Blast instant temperature override (through App) Easy to Install & Maintain Dual fuel operation built-in (auto lockout of compressor w/call for fossil fuel aux heat) 7-day programmable Temperature offset ± 4° Configurable manual heat/cool or auto changeover modes High and low balance point control (requires optional 8052 sensor) Adjustable differential for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th stages Engineered for Excellance Programmable fan Progressive recovery Built in equipment Fahrenheit & Celsius Permanent memory — programming, time and date isn’t lost during a power outage Multiple hold options maximizes comfort and energy savings Event-based timed hold Permanent hold 5-year warranty Easy & Convenient to Use 3.25 inch diagonal screen with soft-touch keys Displays room temperature, temperature setting and outdoor temperature simultaneously (outdoor temperature display requires 8052 outdoor temperature sensor) Easy to use temperature control to override program schedule at anytime