RectorSeal 83809 Aspen ASP-MA-UNI 3.2 GPH Mini Condensate Removal Pump

The RectorSeal Mini Aqua Pumps are designed with a separate pump and reservoir. The 2 elements are connected together with a length of 1/4" id vinyl tube and a communication cable, both of which are usually around 6 feet long. A favorite among installers, the Mini Aqua offers versatile installation options. The Mini Aqua is designed to fit in the back of the wall mounted AC unit so the pump is out of site. The Mini Aqua’ s long, slender shape allows additional flexible installation options such as inside the lineset ducting, in an attic or wall cavity Features Ultra-slim profile and Integral hanging loop and separate reservoir facilitates attachment in vertical applications Self Priming Modular terminals for fast connection Quiet and Fully potted (complete assembly is epoxy filled for resistance to shock, vibration, moisture, chemical and promotes sound dampening, US Patent #6,817,194) 3A NO/NC dry contacts rated @ 5A inductive at 230V AC