Distech BACnet Digital Rooftop / Humidity Controller CDIVI-7607B50B1

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Voltage 19-30V AC; 50/60Hz; Class 2
Maximum Consumption 2VA

Communication BACnet MS/TP
BACnet Profile B-ASC
Baud Rate 9600, 19200, 38400, or 76800 bps
Address BACnet MS/TP MAC address; adjustable range from 1 – 127

Backup (for programmable models only) Super capacitor, good for approx. 6 hours

Operating Temperature 0C to 50C; 32F to 122F
Storage Temperature -30C to 50C; -22F to 122F
0 to 95% non-condensing

Digital Inputs EC-STAT-RT2H and EC-STAT-RT2HP models
Relay dry contact only across C terminal to DI1

All other models
Relay dry contact only across C terminal to DI1 or DI2

Analog High Limit and Remote Humidity Inputs
0-10V DC into 10K ohm input load

Contact Output Rating
Each relay output (Y1, Y2, G, W1, W2 and AU) LONMARK Functional Profile Space Comfort Controller #8500 has:
-30V AC, 1A maximum
-30V AC, 3A in-rush

Humidification Analog Output
Rating 0-10V DC into 2K ohm resistance min
Accuracy +/- 3% typical

Economizer Analog Output
Rating 0-10V DC into 2K? resistance min
Accuracy +/- 3% typical

LCD Display
Type Backlit LCD display
Display Area 2 rows of 8 characters each

Temperature +/- 0.1C (+/- 0.2F)

Control Accuracy
Temperature +/-0.5C (+/-0.9F) @ 21C (70F) typ. calibrated

Temp and Humidity Ranges
Cooling 12.0-37.5C (54-100F)
Heating 4.5-32.0C (40-90F)
Dehumidification Setpoint 15-95% RH
Room Air Temperature -40-50C (-40-122F)
Outdoor Air Temperature -40-50C (-40-122F)

Local 10K ohm NTC thermistor

  • BACnet Roof Top thermostat for control of 1 Fan, 2 Heating stage, 2 Cooling stage and Humidity.
  • Improves energy efficiency when used with the optional PIR motion detector cover by automatically adjusting temperature setpoints based on a zone’s occupancy mode.
  • Up to 2 software configurable digital inputs for monitoring filter status, activating a remote temporary occupancy switch, or acting as a general purpose service indicator.
  • Part Number: CDIVI7607B50B1
  • Distech Controls ECB-STAT-RT2H Rooftop Thermostat