Distech ECB-VAVS - BACnet B-ASC 9-Point Programmable Controllers

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The ECB-VAVS controllers are microprocessor-based programmable variable air volume (VAV) controllers designed to control cooling only and cooling with reheat single duct variable air volume boxes. Each controller uses the BACnet  MS/TP LAN communication protocol and is BTL-Listed as BACnet Application Specific Controllers (BASC). Features & Benefits Internal power supply uses power factor correction (PFC) to optimize power usage when multiple controllers are connected at the same power transformer Flexible inputs and outputs support all industry-standard VAV unitary applications Rugged hardware inputs and outputs eliminate the need for external protection equipment Polarity free, on-board airflow sensor for precise airflow monitoring and control at low and high airflow rates A built-in actuator with an integrated position feedback system for worry-free operation Factory pre-loaded applications allow for out-of-the-box, energy efficient operation of standard VAV equipment Optimized air balancing through myDC AirBalancing saving time during the commissioning process Supports EC-gfx Program, making Building Automation System programming effortless Open-to-Wireless ready, supporting a wide variety of wireless sensors and switches and helping to reduce installation costs Supports the Allure Series Communicating Sensors, providing intelligent sensing and environmental zone control