DiversiTech CVMINI ClearVue Mini Ductless System Pump

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The Diversitech CVMINI pump is designed to automatically remove the condensate water that collects in the primary drain pan of mini-split air conditioners. The pump is equipped with a tank that collects the water from the drain tray in the appliance. When the water collected in the tank reaches a sufficient level, the pump switches on and pumps the water to a remote location. ClearVueTM Mini is the ideal condensate pump for ductless (mini-split) systems. Its compact size helps it fit almost anywhere including inside many wall cassette units and inside line set cover systems. And the whisper quiet operation makes it easy to live with even when the pump is installed near living areas. When the tank is sufficiently empty the pump automatically switches off. The tank is outfitted with LED status lights that show the status of power available, pump running and alarm conditions. This pump handles dual voltage 120/240 and 50/60 Hz so it can be used in any installation. Max input temperature is 60°C/140°F. Features 2-Year Warranty LED Indicator Lights Clear Tank Floatless Sensors Flexible Installation Aluminum Pump Housing Multiple Operating Voltage rbber Mounting Pad Separate Condensate Tank Built-in Overflow Switch Variable Speed and Lift