DiversiTech FP-22 120V Furnace Condensate Pump with 22ft Max Lift

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The DiversiTech FP-22 Furnace Condensate Pump is designed to automatically pump condensate produced by high efficiency furnace and humidifiers up to 22’ vertically once the level of condensate in the tank reaches a specific level. Application High efficiency furnaces and humidifiers The DiversiTech FP-22 series pumps beat the industry standard of 20’ lift height by 2 feet and come with innovative features such as: vibration dampening feet, metal hang tabs, four inlet holes with build in “P” traps (and 3 poly covers for the unused inlet holes), LED indicators, float switch and duckbill-style check valve, plug and protector and detailed installation instruction. Two terminals are provided to allow the installer the flexibility to connect air-handler shut-down for flood avoidance. This is an important safety consideration. Maximum Condensate Temperatures Continuous duty 165°F Maximum inlet temperature 190°F Bit suitable for contact with steam or gases that exceed 190°F   Rated Voltage 120 VAC / 60Hz   Rated Current Draw 1.9 Amps (120 VAC)   Maximum Lift Height: 22’ (Every DiversiTech condensate pump is computer tested to ensure excellent performance at all pumping levels)   Flow Rate @ Zero Head: FP-22: 126 gallons per hour