ecobee EBSCV01 SmartCamera with Voice Control

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The ecobee SmartCamera with voice control add peaces of mind to your home with an out of the box indoor security. The ecobee SmartCamera is the perfect fit for any homeowner's system with its easy to use interface and compatibility with existing smart home products like Apple HomeKit and Amazon Alexa, so homeowners can get even more out of what they love. Features Get the full picture with 180º field of view plus auto pan and zoom Feel more secure with motion detection alerts See clearly with true 1080p image quality, day or night Gain assurance with smoke alarm detection* Two-Way Talk Check in from your phone to your home, loud and clear, with SmartCamera’s built-in far-field speakers. Person Detection SmartCamera can tell when a person enters the frame. Activity Zones Set your camera to focus on important areas like the front door or the baby’s crib to detect movement within these areas. Smart Focus SmartCamera follows movement and keeps the action in the center of the frame, so you can keep an eye on kids and visitors effortlessly. Get 30-day video storage with an ecobee Haven subscription. Night Vision SmartCamera’s infrared LEDs keep the picture quality clear in pitch black or low-light. Smoke alarm detection SmartCamera can hear if a smoke alarm is going off when the system is armed and will send your phone an alert that can help you protect the ones you love and minimize property damage. Alexa Built-in for hands-free use Control SmartCamera with your voice or from your phone and get access to all of Alexa’s features innately.