Emerson - White Rodgers Line Voltage Electric Heat Thermostat 1A65-641

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The Type 1A65/1A65W Electric Heat Thermostat is designed for use on all types of electrical heating installations such as cable heat, baseboards, wall insert heaters, etc. Its narrow operating differential and the ability of its fully exposed knob to sense both radiant heat and room air temperature make this control ideal for use on such installations.

Dial Setting: Knob may be set anywhere between 40° and 85°F by simply turning knob so that indicator on knob points to the desired setting.

Switch Rating: Non-Inductive
22A (2500W) 120 VAC
22A (5000W) 240 VAC
18A (5000W) 277 VAC
Temperature Range: 40° to 85°F
Differential: 1°F
Switch Action: Open on rise
Contact Structure: SPST