ESP Air Switch - Robertshaw 2374-498 RSS-498-13

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RSS-498-13 is an individually boxed contractor kit that includes: (1) Compact Series RSS-498 sensing switch (1) Hex wrench (116") (1) Tube-to-tube reduction adapte (2) Slotted hex head mounting screws (#6 x …œ"). (1) Instruction booklet The RSS-498 switch has a field adjustable set point range of 1.0" wc to 4.0" wc There is a 0.016" bleed hole in the mounting pan. Duo-barbed sample line connectors on each side of the diaphragm accept ¼" ID or …œ" ID slip-on flexible tubing. The switch has been factory set to actuate on a pressure rise of 1.0" wc