Honeywell 203368 Replacement Prefilter For F300E1019, F300A1625 and F50F1073 Air Cleaners, 2 Pre-Filters in One Box

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The Honeywell 203368 Replacement PreFilter is a genuine product from Honeywell's Commercial Air Products Division. Honeywell Commercial Filters emphasize the higher standards for design, assembly, procurement, and production. This Genuine Honeywell Filter is designed for Honeywell Electronic Air Cleaners and works especially well in the removal of larger particles in the surrounding air. This allows for a significant improvement to overall air quality by increasing the overall efficiency of your Honeywell Air Cleaner. The Honeywell 203371 Replacement Pre-Filter features a compatibility range that encompasses the following air cleaners: F300E1019, F300A1625 and F50F1073. Two prefilters are required for Honeywell F50F and F300 Air Cleaners.