Honeywell AM-1 Lead Free Mixing Valve 3/4 Inch 100-145F Union Sweat AM101-US-1LF

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The Honeywell AM-1 series accurately adjusts, maintains and limits the hot water temperature to a desired setting selected by the user. In domestic water applications it offers scalding protection and bacteria growth control. By installing a Honeywell AM-1 mixing valve and raising water heater storage temperature setting and limiting mixed outlet water temperature to safe temperature more usable hot water is available. In heating applications it provides comfort and protects the equipment.

Application: Heat Pump Systems, Domestic water, Nursing homes, Public facilities, Automatic faucets, Radiant floor heating, Space heating, Combo systems, Solar hot water, Greenhouses, Industrial applications, Photo processing

  • • Dual purpose mixing or diverting valves
  • • Reliable performance at minimum flow of 0.5 gpm
  • • Constant water temperature under changing operating conditions, Temperature limit at any point
  • • High performance thermoplastic proportioning shuttle
  • • Max. pressure 150 psi (1034 kPa). Max temperature 212 F (100 C). Designed for easy maintenance and element replacement. Teflon coating of internal valve components to prevent mineral build-up and extend life.