Honeywell Wall Mount CO2 Sensor; 2-10 VDC output C7232A1032

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Honeywell wall mount CO2 sensor 24VAC, 2-10VDC output. Used for determining ventilation necessity with HVAC controllers and to manage the amount of fresh outdoor air supplied to maintain acceptable levels of CO2.


  • Models available with LCD that provides sensor readings and status information
  • Non-Dispersion-Infrared technology used to measure CO2 gas
  • C7232 provides voltage or current output based on CO2 levels
  • Used for determining CO2 for ventilation control
  • Automatic Background Calibration (ABC) algorithm based on long-term evaluation reduces required typical zero-drift check maintenance
Application Carbon Dioxide Sensor
Dimensions (in.) 5 1/16 in. high x 3 5/32 in. wide x 2 in. deep
Includes No Logo
Mounting Wall Mount
Frequency 50 Hz; 60 Hz
Electrical Connections Six leadwires, 20 gauge, 6 in. long
Voltage 24 Vac/dc ±20%,
Operating Temperature Range (F) 32 F to 122 F
Sensor Range 0 to 2000 ppm, adjustable