Honeywell E3Point Carbon Monoxide CO Remote Sensor E3SRMCO

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Clearance: This product is non-returnable. Clearance: This product is non-returnable.

This E3 Point Remote Sensor is a toxic or combustible gas detection sensor that is compatible with the E3 Point Standalone sensor or with the features offered in certain controller type products. It provides continuous monitoring for Nitrogen Dioxide in ambient air. The E3 Point is designed to be mounted on an extra wide (2 3/8") electrical box. The E3 Point Remote Sensor is intended for use exclusively with the E3 Point Standalone unit. No other uses are supported by Honeywell Analytics.

โˆ™ Uses: Wall or duct-mounted gas detector for monitoring carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), oxygen (O2), methane (CH4), hydrogen (H2), hydrogen sulphide (H2S), and propane (C3H8), installed as a standalone device with single-gas or dual-gas monitoring. (Note: E3Point standalone version replaces Vulcain models VA201T, VA201M and VA301M)
โˆ™ Size: 1.36 x 1.75 x 2.56"
โˆ™ Power Requirement: 24 Vac nominal (17-27Vac), 50/60 Hz, 0.35 A; 24Vdc nominal (20-38Vdc); with remote sensor: 7 W max.
โˆ™ Optional Main AC Input: 120Vac nominal, +/- 10% (with on-board transformer)
โˆ™ Relay Output: 2 DPDT relays, 5A @ 250Vac; 5A @ 30Vdc
โˆ™ Communications: 4-20mA
โˆ™ Operating Environment: Commercial, Indoor, Extreme Temperature Environments
โˆ™ Operating Temperature: -20 to 50ยบC (-4 to 122ยบF)
โˆ™ Sensor Type: Electrochemical cell (CO, NO2, H2S, O2); catalytic (CH4, H2, C3H8,)
โˆ™ Display: 8 character, 2 line backlit LCD
โˆ™ Visual Indicators: Green LED: Power - Amber LED 1: Alarm/Fault - Amber LED 2: Alarm/Fault
โˆ™ Audible Alarm: >85 dBA at 3 m (10 ft)
โˆ™ Accuracy: +/- 3% of full scale @ 25 C


Detection Ranges and Alarm Levels:
Gas Resolution Range Alarm A Alarm B Alarm C
NO2 (Nitrogen dioxide) 0.1 ppm 0-10 ppm 0.7 ppm 2 ppm 9 ppm