Honeywell PRO 2000 Programmable 2H/1C Vertical Thermostat TH2210DV1006


The Honeywell PRO 2000 is 5-2 programming. Back lit display. One-touch access to set point temperature. Preset program settings.Temporary and permanent override of schedule. Built-in compressor protection. This model is vertical orientation. 2 Heat / 1 Cool.


Options: Fan Control

Power Method: Hardwired Battery

Changeover: Manual

Temperature Range (F): Heating 40°-90°F, Cooling 50°-99°F

Voltage: Low voltage

Amperage: 0.02-1

Wiring: R C Y AUX/E G O B

Color: White

Dimensions: 4-11/16 IN H x 2-7/8 IN W x 1-1/8 IN D

Voltage: 24v 750mV


  • Application: Multi Stage (Heat/Cool) Heat Pump
  • Stages: 2 Heat/1 Cool
  • Programmability: Programmable 5-2 Day
  • User Interface: Push Button
  • Mount: Vertical
  • Options: Fan Control
  • Power Method: Hardwired Battery
  • Changeover: Manual
  • Temperature Range (F): 40°-90°F (Heating) 50°-99°F (Cooling)
  • Voltage: Low voltage
  • Amperage: 0.02-1
  • Wiring: R C Y AUX/E G O B Color: Premier White
  • Dimensions: Height: 4-11/16" Width: 2-7/8" Depth (Inches): 1-1/8"
  • Voltage: 24v 750mV


» TH2210DV1006 Installation Guide (PDF)
» TH2210DV1006 Operating Manual (PDF)