Honeywell Programmable Stat 3-Heat/3-Cool White-T7351F2010 T7351F2010

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Clearance: This product is non-returnable. Clearance: This product is non-returnable.

The T7351 Commercial Programmable Thermostat controls 24 Vac commercial single zone heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment. The T7351 consists of a thermostat and sub base. The thermostat includes the keypad and display for 365-day programming. The sub base includes equipment control connections. The sub base mounts on the wall and the thermostat mounts to the sub base.

Application: Commercial
Multi Stage (Heat/Cool) Heat Pump
Stages: 3 Heat / 3 Cool
Programmability: Programmable 7 Day
User Interface: Push Button
Voltage: 24v
Options: Auto Changeover
Password Lockout
Works with Sensor
Fan Control
Mount: Horizontal
Color: Trident White
Humidity Control: No
Wireless: No

-Typically used in buildings under 55,000 square feet.
For single zone rooftop units, split systems, heat pumps or hot/chilled water systems.
-Two Occupied and two Not Occupied periods per day.
-Individual heat and cool set points available for Occupied and Not Occupied periods.
-P+I+D control minimizes temperature fluctuations.
-Recovery ramp control automatically optimizes equipment start times based on building load.
-Keypad multi-level lockout available with all models.
-Remote sensor capability for temperature (including outdoor air and discharge air) and humidity sensors.

UPC: 085267307703 ASIN: B009PAOUIO