Honeywell 750 Millivolt Replacement Thermopile Generator CQ200A1004

Honeywell Thermopile Generators have been a staple for self-powered heaters and hot water equipment for years. Measuring 35 in. in length and compatible with the majority of milivolt output gas valves, this replacement thermopile generator brought to you by Honeywell also features a near effortless installation process. Utilized in over a million appliances as a contractor's preferred thermopile generator, Honeywell Thermopile Generators can be found in many of today's self powered gas fireplaces.


  • 750 millivolt output gas pilot safety control
  • 35 in. lead length for self-generating pilot systems
  • Features a push-in clip for easy pilot burner installation
  • Compatible with the majority of millivolt gas valves
  • Model: CQ200A


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