Honeywell C1 Wi-Fi Indoor Camera RCHC4100WF1002

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  • The Honeywell Lyric C1 Indoor Wi-Fi Security Camera combines a series of industry defining technologies to deliver superior interior surveillance. Audio and visual protection is assured as this camera includes Intelligent Sound Detection. The inclusion of this feature allows the Honeywell Wi-Fi Camera to identify specific sounds around the household such as smoke or carbon monoxide alarms triggering. Should the Honeywell Security Camera recognize a sound detrimental to the home's surrounding area, an alert will be sent to the owner's smart device. A High Definition Wide-Angle View provides 720p high definition that removes the need to continually pan and tilt the camera. Night Vision Mode and Two-Way Audio increases versatility tenfold as owners will have access to increased visual settings and a means of communicating with other members within the household.

    The Honeywell Lyric C1 Indoor Wi-Fi Security Camera utilizes the Lyric App that provides 24/7 live video mode and smart mobile alerts. The addition of Adjustable Alert Zones will allow owners to monitor especially sensitive areas within the home. This feature bolsters vision capacity by ignoring background motion such as ceiling fans. This Honeywell Wi-Fi Security Camera also includes Cloud and SD Storage. A secure cloud storage streams and downloads clips from the past 25 hours, while the encrypted 8GB SD card provides backup in the event of a Wi-Fi outage. Self-installed and self-monitored, the Honeywell Lyric C1 Indoor Wi-Fi Security Camera is an incredibly versatile and proficient solution for overseeing any number of indoor locations within the household setting.
    • Intelligent sound detection - Recognizes specific sounds around your home, like existing smoke or carbon monoxide alarms, and sends an alert to your smart device.
    • High definition wide-angle view - The powerful wide-angle view with zoom shows you what's happening at home in 720p high definition - so there's no pan-and- tilt needed.
    • Versatile Lyric APP - With 24/7 Live Video mode, smart mobile alerts, 256-Bit encryption and it adapts to your location or use with home & away modes.
    • Adjustable alert zones - Set up your own special alert zones to monitor sensitive areas - while ignoring background motion like ceiling fans to avoid false alerts.
    • Cloud and SD storage - Free secure cloud storage streams and downloads clips from the past 24 hours, plus the encrypted 8GB SD card is back-up if Wi-Fi is unavailable ? Night vision mode - Special night vision mode keeps an eye on things when the sun goes down, for reliability, quality and peace of mind around the clock. ? Two-way audio - No matter where you are, stay in touch with family members - and those mischievous pets - with the handy two-way audio function.