Honeywell Smart Home Security Motion Sensor

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  • Smart Home Detection without False Alerts:

    Your smart Home Security System covers more square footage when you add Indoor Motion Sensors to other rooms. Receive an alert when motion is detected, so you can know if someone is in the house when it should be empty.

    Smart Motion Detection + Easy Set Up:

    The Indoor Motion Sensor's smart infrared knows not to react to background motions such as a fan, robot vacuum or family pet (up to 79 lbs.). Honeywell Indoor Motion Sensors are completely wireless and easily installed.

    Requires: Honeywell Smart Home Security Base Station
    • Alerts Night and Day, for 3 years: The long-life battery is super easy to replace
    • Completely Wireless: No wires or screws ensures easy installation.
    • Pet-Friendly Smart Detection: The alarm will not be triggered by background motions such as fans and robot vacuums. Small animals (Up to 79 lbs.) will also not cause false alarms, so don't worry about your pet triggering the system.
    • Size (H x W x D) 3.42 x 2.02 x 1.48 in.
    • Requires: Honeywell Smart Home Security Base Station