Honeywell Smart Home Security Outdoor Motion Viewer

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Honeywell RCHSOMV1 Retail Smart Home Security Outdoor Motion Viewer More than a Motion Sensor. Smart Detection You Can See: Allow the Outdoor MotionViewer to extend your system so that you can keep an eye on the front door, back yard or garage. Alerts Day and Night: Totally wireless and battery operated, the Outdoor MotionViewer comes with night vision and infrared. It's highly weather resistant to let you keep watch day and night for 2 years*. And when it senses motion, you get a video clip - so you can see what's moving outside your home, whether it's the kids arriving home from school or an unwanted visitor. Deter Intruders & Early Alerts: When the Outdoor MotionViewer detects unwanted motion, your Smart Home Security System will play sounds such as a barking dog to make your home appear occupied. Even when the system is in Home mode, the Outdoor MotionViewer can play a simple alert tone, to let you know someone is approaching. No False Alerts: Smart Infrared Technology means your MotionViewer won't be triggered by moving ceiling fans, pets or curtains blowing in the wind, so you'll only be notified of movement that matters. You can view captured video clips anytime, anywhere in the app.