Honeywell Standard Millivolt Heat Manual Thermostat CT53K1006

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The Honeywell CT53K1006/E Standard Miliviolt Non Programmable Thermostat combines the best elements of accessibility and dependability. Incredibly easy to install, this thermostat features precise temperature controls that's ideal for selecting the most appropriate temperature for your household. This thermostat comes equipped with a quiet switching function, 2 wires and is compatible with 750 milivolt heating systems such as floor fireplaces and wall furnace systems. The CT53K1006/E is a non-programmable option and was designed for heat systems. For additional peace of mind, this model doesn't utilize mercury similar to competing thermostats. This unit's compact design, functionality and accessibility make it a must have for those seeking a non-programmable thermostat that's compatible with heat only systems.


  • Easy to install and use
  • Compatible with heat only systems
  • Precise temperature control
  • Updated model of the YCT53K1003
  • Compatible with heat only systems, including 750 millivolt fire places, floor, or wall furnace systems


  • Stages: Heating only
  • Programmability: Non programmable
  • Compatibility: Heating only, steam or gravity, floor/wall furnace 24V or 750mV, volt gas fireplace 24V or 750mV, pellet stove for mV thermsotats