ICM Controls ICM325A Single Phase Head Pressure Control

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The ICM325A low ambient head pressure control ensures the condenser fan runs at an optimal speed for maximum efficiency. If the system pressure gets too low or the condenser temperature gets too cold, the ICM325A lowers the fan speed accordingly. Other head pressure controls on the market just turn the fan off completely. This method results in inconsistent head pressure, inconsistent cooling, rattling pipes & ducts, system leaks, and ultimately a shortened life span of the condenser fan motor and compressor. Features: Operates as temperature or pressure sensitive motor fan speed control Helps prevent evaporator freeze-ups, low pressure cut-outs and liquid-slugged compressors in low ambient conditions Integral heat pump bypass circuitry allows electronic bypass of speed control Eliminates overshoots common to on/off and pressure switch controls Near field communication (phone tap) using the ICM OMNI App Features: hard start, low temperature bypass, isolated 24 VAC supply Controls up to 3 refrigeration circuits RoHS compliant / lead free design Typical application: A/C and heat pumps Universal 120-600VAC line voltage and 24-240VAC control voltage