ICM Controls ICM533 - 3-Phase Type I/II Surge Protective Device, 120/240VAC Delta High-Leg Config. SCCR: 200 kA

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The ICM533 is a 3-Phase 120/240 VAC Delta High-Leg Surge Protective Device. When a surge occurs, the ICM three-phase surge protective device will absorb the surge up to the specified limitations of the device. ICM incorporates superior thermally protected metal oxide varistor technology into the three-phase surge suppressors, which allows for safe disabling of the surge elements when a surge exceeds the thermal limits of the device. There is a single status light on the controls which identifies operational status when illuminated. The ICM 3-phase surge protective device can be installed as a Type 1 or Type 2 device for both indoor and outdoor applications.   Features Delta High-Leg Configuration NEMA Type 4X watertight plastic enclosure for outdoor and indoor installation Green LED indicates surge protection present Easily connects to electrical panel or disconnect for indoor and outdoor applications UL Listed Type 1 or Type 2 SPD