ICM Controls ICM870 Series 9A Soft Start W/ Over-Current Protection

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The ICM870 Soft Start is intended for residential, commercial, RV & marine applications. The ICM870 integrates compressor or motor in-rush current over startup time, thus reducing peak current demand on a power supply source by up to 70%.   Effectively reducing power draw to the A/C, the ICM870 utilizes a built-in self learning algorithm to deliver the optimal in-rush current per application. The ICM870 will monitor system health including voltage, current, compressor startup and integrity. Upon a fault condition, it will halt operation and initiate a 3 minute anti-short cycle routine while providing diagnostic fault information by means of an LED indicator.   * Note: The ICM870-9A will handle a condenser up to about 1 Ton   Features: Reduces in-rush current/draw necessary at startup by up to 70% Prolong the life of the A/C by reducing excessive torque, wear and tear Reduce loud noises, light flickering, and breaker trips Built-in self-learning algorithm  Over-current protection  Over/under voltage monitoring  Built-in start capacitor  LED fault indicators  Ultrasonic sealed tamper-proof enclosure Installation hardware is included