LuxPro GEOx WiFi Thermostat with Large 2-3/4in Display

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GEOx Lux Wi-Fi Thermostat Easy installation Large, always visible 2 3/4" display Easy-view LED back light Humidification/Dehumidification control H/DH dry-contacts for 3rd party equipment Dehumidification options using A/C condensing unit AM/PM clock or military time option Program 7-day on unit or via App User option: 2 or 4 periods per day Temporary override and manual hold Display option: Fahrenheit or Celsius temperature Adjustable temperature differential/swing Adjustable 2nd stage heat and cool offset Operates on 24V “C-wire”, LUX Power Bridge, or 5VDC micro USB Automatic changeover feature System run-time monitor Air filter monitor Dual mount: vertical or horizontal App Features Indoor temp and Relative Humidity % display Outdoor temperature display Easy, online programming Radius (geofencing): user set radius with smartphones High and low temp alerts Provides recommended settings for maximum savings Energy use and run-time monitor  Compatible With: Universal compatibility for conventional heat & A/C up to 2-stage heat/2-stage cool Universal compatibility for heat pumps with up to 3-stage heat/ 2-stage cool (including AUX/EMERG heat) Dual fuel systems (heat pump with fossil fuel furnace back-up) Hydronic heating applications (if 24V System Common wire is present).