LuxPro 5+2 Day Programmable Thermostat, 1H/1C, Backlit, Dual Powered

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System or Battery Powered, Low Voltage Electronic Setback Heating and Cooling Thermostat with Lighted Display, Sealed Relay Contacts, Pre-programmed with Four Adjustable Heating and Four Adjustable Cooling Programs for Weekdays, and Four Adjustable Heating Programs and Four Adjustable Cooling Programs for Weekends. Compatible With: Most 24v Gas, Oil, Electric Heating and Air Conditioning Systems Single Stage Heat Pumps 2 Wire Hydronic Air Handlers Not Compatible with: Multi-stage Heat Pumps Multi-stage Gas or Oil Furnaces 3 Wire Hydronic Systems Line Voltage Systems (120/240 VAC) FEATURES: 1 Heat / 1 Cool Preprogrammed Separate Programs for Heating and Cooling System or Battery Powered (2AA Batteries included) Separate Weekday and Weekend Programming Programmable Filter Timer with Filter Change Indicator 5 Minute A/C Compressor Delay Large Liquid Crystal Display Temporary Temperature Override Manual Temperature Hold Easily Reprogrammed with LUX SpeedDial® Total Isolation Between System Power and Thermostat Capable Contractor Grade Energy Star Compliant Battery Free Memory Storage Default Energy Star Approved Program Armchair Programmable 3-Year Warranty EL (Electro-Luminescent) Backlight F/C Selectable 12/24 Hour Clock Display Set Temperature Range 45°F to 90°F (7°C to 32°C) Adjustable Temperature Differential/Cycle Rate (.25 - 2.25ºF) Filter Counter Can Be In Days Left or Percent (%) Left On Screen Low Battery Indicator Soft Touch Buttons 4 Periods Per Day Keyboard Lockout Optional Decorative Wall Plate Available SPECIFICATIONS: Electrical Ratings: 1.5 AMPS at 24 VAC Battery Powered: 2 "AA" Alkaline Batteries (included) Temperature Differential: Adjustable from .25°F to 2.25°F. Lighted Display: Celsius and 12/24 HR. Time Capable. Accuracy: ±1°F over a range of 45°F to 90°F. Temperature Control Range: 45°F to 90°F (7°C to 32°C). Temperature Display Range: 23°F to 99°F (-5°C to 37°C). Terminals: RH, RC, Y, W, G, C, O, B, Solid Pin Connections Allow usage for 24V and Millivolt Systems. Program Settings: 4 Preset Programs Per Day Heating and Cooling. All may be Easily Reprogrammed in 1° F/C and 15 Minute Increments. Technical Service Number Listed for Help in Reprogramming. Circuit Protection: Circuit Protection is Built-in, No Isolation Relays Required Compressor Protection: Built-in 5 Minute Time Delay Environmental Limits: Moisture and Dust: meets IP20. Operating Humidity: 20% to 90% non-condensing. Operating Temperature: 14°F to 122°F (-10°C to 50°C). Storage Temperature: -4°F to 140°F (-20°C to 60°C). Electrical Immunity: meets relevant EMI/EMC specifications. View Area: 50mm x 19.5mm