Paragon 632-00 - 120V Defrost Timer, 2 No, 2NC Switches

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The Paragon 632-00 is a 120 volt defrost timer that provides an adjustable cycle, time initiated, with one to eight On/Off operations daily with a minimum of three hours between operations. Features Adjustable delay or pump down cycle Drain or fan delay cycle adjustable Defrost initiation and length adjustable Switch Rating 120-240V AC, 10 Amps, 245 VA Switches 2-4 and 3-4 carry 1/2 HP rating Enclosure Heavy- Duty Steel Adjustable Defrost Initiation 1-8 cycles per day; Adjustable Delay or Pump Down Cycle minimum 3 hours between successive cycles Adjustable Drain or Fan Delay Cycle 0-30 minutes; 3 minute graduation: for stopping fans, reducing refrigerant pressure, or hot gas pump down cycle Adjustable Length of Defrost 3-15 minutes; 3 minute graduation Sequence Switching 3 minute graduation High Pressure (Open High) Cut-Out 2 NO 2 NC 4.75 (2.2) Electrical Rating 120V AC