Multi-Voltage Thermostat 24-277 1H/1C-TA155-046

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Description: The TA155 manual changeover thermostat is designed for use in HVAC systems including two or four-pipe fan coil applications or other installations requiring manual switching between heating and cooling. Advanced self-configuring circuitry allows the T155 electronic thermostat to be applied directly to input voltages from 24 to 277 VA C , 50 or 60Hz. 

Self-Configuring Circuitry: 24 to 277 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz
Temperature Range: 50 to 90ºF / 10 to 32°C
Maximum Ambient: 130ºF / 54°C
Load Connections: Terminal block or wire lead, depending on model
Mounting: Installs on a standard 2” x 4” device box
Fan Operation: Continuous or cycled operation achievable with relays
Agency Approvals: UL, UL Canada, CE

Temperature Range: Setpoint 50 to 90ºF / 10 to 32ºC