Pro1 IAQ Pro1 IAQ T501M 24V Mechanical Non-Programmable Thermostat Removable Front Cover T501M T501M

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With the T501M you get three thermostats in one.

The T501M is ideal for home and apartment applications. The analog display and mechanical lever are easy to use and read from all angles. Every box comes with a removable front cover giving the installer the ability to convert the thermostat into a heat only model and remove the fan operation for hydronic systems and unit heaters.


* Three thermostat in one

** Heat - Off - Cool
** Heat only with fan
** Heat only without fan

* Removable fan switch
* Universal sub-base
* Mounts on wall or junction box
* Mechanical 24V power

For Use On

* Most 24V Heating and A/C Systems
* Gas or Oil Heat
* Electric Furnace
* Heat Pump With NO Auxiliary Heat
* Heat Only Systems
* Cool Only Systems
* Millivolt Systems

NOT For Use On

* Multi Stage Systems
* Line Voltage Systems
* Compressors With No Built In Delay
* 3 Wire Hydronic System


* Stages 1 Heat / 1 Cool
* Power Source 18-30 VAC
* Load Rating 1 AMP per terminal, 1.5 AMP maximum on all terminals combined
* Display accuracy ± 1 °F 
* Swing (cycle rate or differential)
Heating is adjustable from 0.2°F to 2.0°F
Cooling is adjustable from 0.2°F to 2.0°F
* Operating ambient 32° to +105° (O° to + 41°C)
* Operating Humidity 90% Non-condensing maximum
* Heat anticipator range 0.15A to 1.2A
* Cool anticipator range Fixed
* Millivolt 0.15A for 0.75 VDC systems
* Temperature range 50˚ - 90˚ F ( 10˚ - 32˚ C )
* Dimensions of thermostat 4.7"W x 4.4"H x 1.1"D


» Pro1 IAQ T501M Installation Guide (PDF) (https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0030/5607/4867/files/PM-T501-IM-Installation-Manual.pdf?5932311613565210437)
» Pro1 IAQ T501M Brochure (PDF) (https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0030/5607/4867/files/T501M_Brochure.pdf?5932311613565210437)