Rectorseal 97585 Easy Klear 3-Way Condensate Line Cleanout Valve

EASY KLEAR is a 3-way cleaning valve for A/C or refrigeration units. It allows easy access to clogged condensate drain lines either towards the unit or downstream away from the unit, and for drain line biocide tablet application to prevent blockages Features Easy upstream or downstream access to drain line Removable cap allows access for shop-vac cleaning, or the 1/4" opening allows access to blow out clog using CO2 or nitrogen charge. Applications Clean out the Drain line upstream/downstream by lifting stem and rotating top of clean out valve so that top arrow points in direction of clog. Wet vac the Drain line by using standard wet/dry shop vacuum. Unscrew top of EASY KLEAR™ to hook up shop vacuum. Blow out line with nitrogen or CO2 by applying intermittent nitrogen or CO2 charges through the 1/4" opening.Do not apply more than 30 PSI pressure. Great for vertical (upflow) A/C units