RectorSeal 81913 Airtec MV3 Ceiling Diffuser with 3-Way Grille

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The RectorSeal MV3 is a plastic ceiling diffuser with incorporated ceiling box. For residential/light commercial use & offered in 8"x 8" square, 6x6" square, & 6" and 8" round. Designed for 1-man installation only working below the ceiling, they offer convenience & speed. This is a one-piece air diffusers with air tight design that eliminates the need for tedious mastic & external sealers, making diffuser installation no longer a two man job, Choose from five grille styles to deliver optimum air flow & movement pattern for any room Features Stepped Collar for multiple duct sizes, Collar tabs easily tear away unneeded sections and Mounting Clip accommodates thicknesses up to 11/4" Virtually air tight butterfly damper Rubber gasket delivers superior seal when closed Damper Handle allows smooth, easy turning adjustment from below for fully open to tightly closed position High Grade Polymer Grille resists breakage, scratching, yellowing and fading. Patented one piece grille, damper box and Lightning fast installation