Taco Comfort Solutions 5002-C3 1/2in Sweat Mixing Valve

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The Taco 5002-C3 is 1/2 inch sweat mixing valve with versatile NSF 61 and ASSE 1017 providing the ultimate performance for domestic hot water applications. The 5000 Series ASSE 1017 certification allows for domestic hot water storage at temperatures high enough to increase the effective storage capacity of a water heater, kill harmful bacteria and still be delivered at a safe 120°F or less. The valves unique design and advanced thermostatic element ensures a stable mixed water temperature throughout the extended 85°-176°F range. Features ASSE 1017 Listed Ideal for Domestic Water Distribution Points Suitable for use in Potable Water Delivers Stable Mixed Water Temperature Extended Mix Temperature Range of 85-176°F Tamper-Resistance Cap Union and NPT Options Sweat, NPT, Pex, CPVC Union Connections Low Headloss Outlet Temperature Strip Optional Dial Gauge and Adaptor Materials Body: Forged Brass ≤ .25% lead Brass Internal Components: ≤ .25% lead Brass Noryl GFN2 Seals: Viton Spring: Stainless Steel Piston: Polysulfone Fittings: Varies (Brass, CPVC, Copper) Gaskets: EPDM Temperature Gauge: Stainless Steel Gauge Fitting: Brass