UEi DAFM4 Digital In-Duct Mini Vane Anemometer

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The DAFM4 Anemometer/Psychrometer portable, battery-operated instrument, is used for measuring humidity, air temperature, dew point, wet bulb, air velocity and air volume. The small vane probe includes sensors for velocity, temperature and humidity all on a telescoping extension, making in-duct and surface measurements possible. FEATURES Measures air velocity, temperature, and relative humidity (RH%) Calculates wet-bulb temperature, dew point, and air volume (CFM, CMM) 7” Small diameter air vane on 39” long telescoping probe Timed accumulative average for air volume with one hour maximum Min/Max and Hold • English/Metric Scales Fast response Auto-power off (can be disabled) • Low battery indicator UEi backed warranty INCLUDED DAFM4 Meter Remote telescoping mini-vane probe Battery (1 x 9V) • User manual Hard carrying case