Vents US FRIGATE-ERV-120 Whole-House Ventilation System

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VENTS’ ERV 120 are the complete whole house ventilation system designed to bring a continuous supply of fresh air into the house while exhausting an equal amount of stale air. Applications Bathroom Kitchen Apartments Cottages Small Offices Specifications Voltage: 120V Frequency 60Hz Maximum Wattage 156W Maximum Amps: 1.3A Warranty: 5 Years Fans The unit is equipped with supply and exhaust centrifugal fans with forward curved blades and build-in thermal overheating protection with automatic restart. The electric motors and impellers are namically balanced. Defrost System To protect the Energy Recovery Core, an antifreeze electronic protection system is applied. It switches the supply fan off according to the temperature sensor settings. Warm extract air defrosts the ERV core then the supply fan switches on and the ventilator continues operating under rated conditions. Constant Flow Frigate ERV 120 CF has an automatic constant air flow control function to keep the air flow in supply and exhaust air ducts constant even in case of variable air resistance. This function is provided with the integrated air flow control units. The electronic sensors convert the actual air flow to the analogue signal that is proportional to the air flow in the air duct. These signals are transmitted to the controller that controls the rotation speed of a respective fan in such a way that the actual rotations speed is equal to the set value. Manual Balancing Manual balancing is a standard balancing system. Fan speed manually adjusted by operating on units controller (Built-in control panel with independent fan speed adjustment 0%-100%). Control Board The unit incorporates an integrated control system with following functions: Operation mode switch. Airflow balancing enabled by supply and exhaust fan independent speed adjustment from 0 to 100% (percentage is displayed on built in screen). Automatic recovery core frost protection. External control device connection (up to 5 at the same time).