Vents US TT-150 6in Mixed Flow In-Line Duct Ventilation Fan

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The Vents US TT-150 is a 6 inch mixed flow in-line duct fan and can be used for both supply and exhaust applications that require powerful airflow. Turbo Tube series is ideal solution for multi-purpose use in residential and commercial ventilation. Turbo Tube fans combine the features and benefits of both axial and centrifugal fans. Used for both supply and exhaust applications that require powerful air flow. Turbo Tube fans were engineered to be compact without any loss in performance and are the perfect solution for installation into limited spaces. The removable body, including motor, impeller and junction box, is the ultimate solution for easy installation & cleaning. Casing The fan’s casing is made of high quality, UV resistant plastic (UL94 certified plastic). It is equipped with a mounting plate to attach the fan to the wall or ceiling. Motor Motors are supplied with automatic reset thermal protection and are equipped with ball bearings for longer service life (40,000 hrs). Suitable for air stream temperature up to 140 °F. Suitable For Bathrooms Kitchen Apartments Pools Stores Bars Restaurants Manufacturing Facilities