Vents US TT-Pro-100 4in Mixed Flow In-Line Duct Ventilation Fan

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The Vents US - TT Pro 100 is 6” diameter ducts with a casing that is made of high quality, UV resistant plastic. Turbo Tube’s have long-life ball bearing twospeed motors and thermal protection to prevent motor burnout. The VENTS Turbo Tube P Series combines the features and benefits of both axial and centrifugal fan. Used for both supply and exhaust applications that require high pressure, powerful airflow and noise levels, the Turbo Tube excels at exhausting high-humidity air from bathroom and kitchens. The fans are ideally suited for ventilation of apartments, retail, restaurants, and anywhere else a powerful, yet quiet, airflow is needed. The unique motor, powerful mixed flow impeller and special aerodynamic casing combination enables the VENTS Turbo Tube P Series fans to deliver superb airflow performance even at higher static pressures typically found in extensive ventilation systems. This impeller and the internal aerodynamic guide vanes provide a smooth laminar air flow which minimizes turbulence and noise and generates an excellent air flow to pressure performance ratio.