White-Rodgers 21V51U-843 Universal Integrated Furnace Control Kit

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This easy to install kit includes everything you need for quick and accurate replacement of all White Rodgers 50V51-XXX's and 50V61-XXX's. Simplifies stocking, installation and ensures peak system performance. Features Reduces inventory by providing maximum control replacement coverage Models include a universal 120V nitride ignitor to allow replacement of 80V and 120V controls Diagnostic LED indicators streamline installation and system troubleshooting 120V air cleaner output and 120V humidifier output up to 1 Amp max Factory standard safety timings and adjustable fan delay options Replaceable automotive style fuse Universal Two-Stage Furnace Control Kit Includes: Ignition Control Module Wiring Harnesses for Amana/Goodman Universal 120V Nitride Ignitor Kit - 21D64-2