Aprilaire 410 MERV 11 Air Filter for Aprilaire Whole-House Air Purifiers

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Are you bothered by the amount of dust and other particles in the air and on the furniture in your home? The Aprilaire Clean Home Filter is the perfect addition to your clean home tool kit. It traps airborne dust as air it circulates through the filter– reducing your cleaning time and frequency, and allows you to enjoy your clean home even more. Recommended For: Basic air cleaning, Reduced vacuuming and dusting Purification: Removes airborne particles as they pass through the MERV 11 filter including dust, pollen, mold spores, bacteria, and pet dander MERV Rating: MERV 11 Recommended Replacement: 12 months Fits the following Aprilaire Air Cleaner Model 2400 after upgrading with #1413 Media Upgrade Kit Model 2140 after upgrading with #1413 Media Upgrade Kit Model 1410 Model 1610 Model 2410 Model 3410 (new premium model with electronic control) Model 4400 (old premium model with electronic control) Newly designed media features: Traps and permanently removes over 90% of pollen-sized particles (5.0 microns) and over 90% of mold and spore-sized particles (3.0 microns). Collapsible media with self spacing pleats installs in seconds. Media replacement is recommended after one to two years depending on air flow. SelfSeal dramatically reduces air bypass, improving filter performance. Airflow Capacity up to 2000 CFM Maximum Filter Length - approximately 28" The 410 Clean Air Filter is rated MERV 11 which means it traps airborne impurities as they pass through the filter that would otherwise float through the air and eventually settle on your furniture and flooring. Your HVAC system is protected from airborne particles too, which helps lower your energy costs, and can prolong the lifetime of your equipment. Note: MERV is a scale used to measure the effectiveness of air filters. Higher number values translate to more effective filtration. Choose the Aprilaire Filter with the MERV rating that fits the needs of your family and home. *Performance tested to ASHRAE 52.2 Standard, minimum efficiency reporting value – MERV 11