TW-14/4 (10703908)

Genesis TW-14/4 (10703908) Stranded Mini-Split Cable, 50ft

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The Genesis 10703908 cable features 4 stranded 14 AWG copper conductors, a waterproof jacket, and a direct burial rating. Choose this cable for dependable ductless mini split interconnection wiring. Specifications Cable Rating: Outdoor, Tray Cable Listing: Sunlight Resistant, Direct Burial, Type TC ER JP Wire Gauge (AWG): 14 Solid or Stranded: Stranded Number of Strands: 19 Conductor Material: Bare Copper Number of Conductors: 4 Conductor Insulation Material: THHN Insulation Colors: Black, White, Red, Green Shielding: No Rip Cord: No Nominal Outer Diameter: 0.395 in. Rated Voltage (Max): 600 Volts DC Resistance (Max): 2.62 Ohms / 1000 ft. at 20 °C Temperature Rating (Min): -20 °C