Aprilaire 1213 Air Filter Upgrade Kit for Space-Gard 2200

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The Aprilaire 1213 Upgrade Kit - Aprilaire 2200 & 2120 allows owners of the Aprilaire 2120 and Aprilaire 2200 air cleaners to upgrade their MERV 10 Aprilaire 201 filter to the more efficient MERV 13 Aprilaire 213 Filter. The Aprilaire upgrade kit improves air cleaning performance by 65 percent and reduces almost twice as many contaminants. This Upgrade Kit features a snap-together frame and an inner housing to accomodate the new Aprilaire 213 Filter and eliminates the need for pleat spacers. The MERV 13 Aprilaire 213 Filter Replacement captures pollen and mold spores (up to 90%), dust (up to 90%), fungi, pet dander and other airborne allergens from your air. This MERV 13 filter also captures bacteria and virus carrying particles (75%) that a MERV 10 filter cannot. Features: Replace filter annually MERV Rating: MERV 13 (@ 1200 CFM) Dimensions: 20 inches x 26 inches x 4 inches Features patented SelfSeal to ensure a proper seal and easy installation Replacement filter for Spacegard Aprilaire Model 2210 & 4200 (with upgrade kit) Includes: Aprilaire 213 Filter (MERV 13) Replacement Railing System Frame Door Spacer for Newer Models