APC MS-KA/R Remote Alarm LED and Test/Reset for Duct Smoke Detectors

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MS-KA/R Remote Alarm L.E.D. and Test/Reset for Air Products Duct Smoke Detectors Mounts on a single-gang electrical box Provides visual notification of an alarm condition Compatible with SL, SM and RT Series Series duct smoke detectors Includes key for remote test/reset The MS Series remote accessories are designed to be used with Air Products & Controls duct smoke detectors to provide audible and visual indication as well as remote test/reset functions. The devices are constructed of attractive yet durable brushed stainless steel and mount on a standard single or double gang electrical box. The MS-KA/R can be mounted on a single gang electrical box. It provides a visual alarm (red LED) when tripped. It is compatible with the following duct detectors: SSU-SL-2000-P Conventional Photoelectric Duct Smoke Detector SSU-SL-2000-N Conventional Ionization Duct Smoke Detector SSU-SM-501-P Photoelectric Duct Smoke Detector SSU-SM-501-N Ionization Duct Smoke Detector RT-3000-P Photoelectric Duct Smoke Detector RT-3000-N Ionization Duct Smoke Detector Specifications:   Power Requirements: Alarm LED - 15mA@24VDC Dimensions: 4-1/2"H x 2-3/4"W Wiring: LEDs/Horn & Switches - 6" 24AWG Pigtails