Braeburn 5970 Thermostat Guard, Slim Clear Contemporary Style

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The Braeburn® 5970 Thermostat Guard can be used in virtually all new or existing thermostat applications. The enclosed template provides mounting locations for a wide range of commercial thermostat models. With most existing thermostat applications, the thermostat guard can be installed without removing the thermostat from the wall. In existing applications, only the cover and ring base will be used, NOT the wallplate. For some existing installations the thermostat may need to be removed from the subbase to install ring base. In new thermostat applications, the thermostat guard can be used with or without the wallplate. The wallplate is usually used to cover scratches or marks from the old thermostat installation. Universal–Fits Virtually All Thermostats One Thermostat Guard Replaces Them All Tamper Resistant Design Prevents Unauthorized Adjustment of Thermostat Settings Strong Durable Clear Plastic Protects Against Damage to Thermostat For New and Existing Thermostat Applications Slim Contemporary Style Two Keys Included Applications Offices Lobbies Hospitals Schools Supermarkets Restaurants Convenience Stores -public areas to prevent unauthorized personnel from adjusting temperature). Included: Clear Plastic Guard Cover, Clear Plastic Ring Base, Opaque Plastic Wallplate, Tumbler Lock with Two Keys, Mounting Screws and Anchors, Wallplate Template Fits Thermostats up to: 6.62 in. (168.15 mm) wide x 5.0 in. (127 mm) high x 1.8 in. (46 mm) deep (actual guard dimensions - 8" W X 6-1/2" H X 2-7/8" D)