CPS VG200 Digital Micron Vacuum Gauge

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The CPS VG200, digital vacuum gauge, monitors evacuation procedures from start to finish. Due to strict NIST standards and continuous calibration testing, the VG200 Digital Vacuum Gauge earned a reputation of best-in-class for its accuracy and reliability. A simple 2 button operation gives the flexibility to select or change units: microns, millibar, torr and inches/hg quickly during any procedure. It will also automatically compensate for varying temperature conditions, with no manual adjustments necessary. VG200 Digital Vacuum Gauge features: Gauge Hook, Adapter “T-fitting” and Padded Vinyl Case. Calibrated to strict NIST standards Best-in-class accuracy and reliability Automatic temperature compensation Cleanable sensor, withstands 400 PSI positive pressure Large, easy to read 5-digit LCD display Selectable units: Microns, Torr, in/hg and mBar