Ditek DTK-KG2 Kool Guard Series HVAC Intelligent Voltage Monitoring

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DITEK’s DTK-KG2 is part of the Kool Guard family of voltage monitoring products. It is specifically designed to protect HVAC equipment from harmful under-voltage and over-voltage events that can damage sensitive electronics and mechanical components within the system. The DTK-KG2 also incorporates DITEK’s state-of-the-art surge protection design to shield the equipment from damaging transient voltage surges and spikes. The standard UL Type 4X polycarbonate enclosure allows the unit to be easily installed in harsh outdoor environments. Features: Protection for under-voltage & over-voltage events Safely disconnects power to the system allowing input voltage to return to normal range Diagnostic red and green LEDs indicate exactly what voltage condition is present Surge protection components included to divert harmful transient voltages away from the equipment Applications:  Ductless AC Systems (Mini-splits) Inverter-type Compressor Systems Split Systems