Emerson 3L05-1 Adjustable Snap Disc Fan Control Thermostat

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Emerson 3L05-1 Adjustable Snap Disc Fan Control is a 3/4in Snap Disc Fan Control with a temperature range of 90F to 130F Degrees. This snap-disc thermostat allows you to set the temperature set point to match your specific needs, reducing inventory while providing coverage for a range of temperature applications. The Emerson 3L05-1 has 1/4in quick connect terminals and a 20F Degree Differential. Features Fan Control Application 90F to 130F Degree Temperature Range 20F Degree Differential Close on Rise Switch Quick-Connect Connection Type Adjustable Temperature Motor Full Load: 14A @ 120VAC Locked Rotor: 72A @ 120VAC Full Load: 10A @ 240VAC Locked Rotor: 60A @ 240VAC Pilot Duty Rating 125 VA @ 240 Vac 125 VA @ 120 Vac