Fantech FG-4 4in Multi-Purpose Centrifugal Duct Fan, 120V

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The Fantech FG-4 is a multi-purpose inline duct fan for exhaust or supply air; ideal for commercial and residential ventilation applications. Customers benefit from the seamless, leak-free design, low noise operation, easy installation and reduce maintenance requirements, ensuring project cost and timelines are optimized. The fan is suitable for indoor applications and can be mounted at any angle in any point along the ductwork. The mounting bracket and hardware are included, and the fan is ENERGY STAR® listed and comes with 5-year factory warranty. Features Airflow 100 cfm at 0.20” Wg Mounting bracket and hardware included Suitable with indoor installations Speed controlled with solid-state speed controller WC15 or ON/OFF push-button 60 min timer FD60EM 5-year factory warranty ENERGY STAR® listed The housing is manufactured from a two-piece stamped, galvanized construction. The two halves are joined using Fantech’s unique folded seam closure, which gives the fan the first in class, airtight seal. Installations in duct connected and wet room applications of the fan are possible due to the airtight casing. The fan motors are capable of operating in air stream temperatures up to 140°F and the motor bearings are permanently sealed, self-lubricated for maintenance-free life. FG4 has a built-in thermal overload protection with automatic reset needing no user intervention. With the motor in the airstream, the fan provides the constant dissipation of heat build-up thus giving the fan first in class for longevity and reliability.