First Alert TWLD3005-001 L2 WiFi Water Sensor And Switch Leak Detector

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The L2 WiFi Water Sensor and Switch helps give customers added peace of mind and water damage protection from condensate overflow. This compact device can be wired directly to the furnace, air conditioner, dehumidifier, or other HVAC equipment. If water overflows the condensate pan or is sensed by the cable, the sensor and switch can turn the machine off or on, and send an alert to the homeowner. The L2 device takes the guesswork out of locating the source of the condensate overflow and automatically stops it. Features: Advanced leak awareness: Alerts to condensation and overflow from HVAC and other 24-volt equipment with smartphone notifications, plus alerts on-site with LED lights and a 100 dBA alarm. Quick setup: The device is wired directly to HVAC and other 24-volt equipment and switches it on or off when excess condensation is detected via dry contacts - no batteries to change. Versatile: Can be wired to HVAC equipment with or without a condensate pan or pump and can be installed vertically or horizontally. Works with any 24-volt equipment (air handler, boilers, heat pumps, furnace, etc.) Meaningful alerts: The switch is triggered and customers are notified within seconds of detected excess condensate, taking the guess work out of identifying the source and location of the issue. Monitor temperature and humidity spikes outside of the user set range.