GeneralAire 5500 Whole-Home Steam Humidifier

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The GeneralAire Steam Humidifier, Model 5500, is used to maintain proper humidity throughout your entire home. The 5500 Humidifier will protect your home and its contents while also offering greater health and comfort those in your home. Benefits of Steam Humidifiers More effective for larger homes than other types of humidification. Operates independently of the furnace. Uses less water than other types of humidification. Known as “clean” humidification, as water is heated to a boiling point to provide sterile, pure, clean humidity Features Contemporary Design Drain Tempering for Safety GFX4 Automatic Digital Humidistat Controls the Furnace Blower Motor for Consistent Humidity Levels LED Display With Constant Control Diagnostics Up to 28.5 Gallons Per Day (With 230V Power Connection)